forniture tecniche riparazioni motori marini navali officine meccaniche genova palermo civitavecchia Company


Teknoship S.r.l. has dealt with technical supplies, marine and terrestrial repairs since 1995.

The company has its own workshop in Civitavecchia and Palermo where there are highly qualified staff with several years of experience

The availability of such facilities located in strategic locations and an emergency technical team enables the company to act quickly and effectively in all harbors and facilities located throughout the Italian territory and abroad.

The stipulation of periodic maintenance contracts allows the reliable improvement of the mechanical parts subject to wear avoiding sudden breakdowns. Furthermore, the stipulation ensures optimum operation of the engines, improving performance and fuel consumption, reducing consequently operating costs.

The availability of new and / or reconditioned parts allows coping promptly with the most interventions of ordinary and extra maintenance, transferring the materials through the availability of means of transport and qualified personnel of the company.

Our experience allows us to perform the works of complete repowering of marine plants even after accidental event of fire, flooding or severe damage.

With our equipment, we perform all turbochargers required processings and relative supply of parts for every type, brand and model with certified and supported by classification institution balancing.

We can ensure the revision of endothermic engines and all of their mechanical workings including grinding and non-destructive testing of axes.

Our  team of experts draws up technical reports on ship management and insurance appraisals.